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Our wine

Wine is a beverage that comes from fermenting the juice of fruits, usually grapes.
Wine can be divided into colors:

  • Red wine: made from red grapes.
  • White wine can be made from white and / or blue grapes.
  • Liebherr Shelf Clips

    Liebherr Wooden shelf Clips
    Set of 5 pieces
    In stock:

  • Liebherr Wooden shelf 32/42-serie

    Acacia wooden shelf.
    WKb/r 42; WKb/r 32; WTb/r 42
    In stock:

  • Bottle Pendants

    Made of vinyl.
    Can unlimited be used.
    Set of 30 pcs
    In stock:

  • Wrought iron gate

    To safely lock up your Bloc Cellier "Standard" elements.
    Temporary out of stock