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We actually mention it in our logo...
Before your wine can mature in peace, a few steps have to be completed, below you can read what we mean by that.


To store your wine under the most ideal conditions the ambient temperature, humidity and air circulation have to be regulated.
It is essential to insulate your wine room in advance so that the optimal air conditioner can do its job.


The (long) storing wine should be done under specific circumstances.
Temperature, air circulation and humidity play a crucial role.
With the French brand Friax Industry ® we can offer the right climate control for each room.
On this page you can read all about the different models.

Setting up...

Once you completed the previous steps, you can begin to organizing your wine.
You can make use of steel wine racks, stone elements or wooden support system.
Under the heading "Wine Racks" in the top bar you will find the possibilities.

In short...

Do you have a (wine) cellar, but you don't know what you do with it?
If you have read our "three-step plan", and want to know more, you have come to the right place.
We can come to you to make an inventory.
Together we look at your situation and, after having heard your wishes, we make a plan.
So you know in advance exactly where you stand.
Call us to make an appointment ... +31 (0) 297-273345