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"The secret to the control of the development of your wine, is in the air in your cellar."

The differences with 'normal' climate comfort systems are:
- Constant (low) temperature, adjustable between 9 and 15 gr. C.
   (factory setting: 12 deg C).
- High humidity levels between 60-75%
   (the condensate is partially recycled)
- Constant air circulation for optimum measurement!

WineMaster (by Fondis Thann-France) delivers with the WineMaster serie afor lmost 25 years a complete offer for winecellars up to 100 m3.
The installation is very easy, against a very favorable price.
Thanks to the WineMaster you can use every room for safe storage of your wines.
Look here for the complete brochure of the WineMaster.

The Frence brand Friax Industrie (Voglans - France) has understood better than anyone how to make a wine cooling and especially for your wine cellar developed a series of air conditioners.
FRIAX ® has a great reputation and extensive know-how in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration,
and supplies the wine cellar both Monobloc's units as split systems.

With the FRIAX ® brand you have something unique in your home:
with many possibilities (and the very high quality) we can offer a suitable solution for any room ....

Look here for the complete brochure of the Friax models 2019.